January 24, 2011


cover album of Pilita Corales,  SAMPAGUITA, 1972

SAMPAGUITA: Its petals are white, small and
delicate. Its scent is strongly sweet, heady, lingering. it could
mean so many things to the Pilipino. It could be love, sympathetic
pleasure, goodbye. Or a broken promise, a national heritage. This
is the Sampaguita. Philippines' national flower. Or Gig and the Amazing Sampaguita Foundation in its "20-minutes at bedtime-Read-Aloud to your child."                                                                           
JOIN SAMPAGUITA FESTIVAL in San Pedro, Laguna,  Feb. 21, (MONDAY). Visit sampaguita orchard, photograph blooms sold by streetchildren. Do a documentation of sampaguita from orchard, to plucking of flowers, to stringing them into leis and sold by streetchildren and   JOIN a photo contest by Mandy Navasero and Gig and the Amazing Sampaguita Foundation for  "BEST SAMPAGUITA PICTURE - PHILIPPINES' NATIONAL FLOWER" beginning Feb. 21 to July 1, 2011.   There will be a photo exhibit in Greenbelt 3 by September 2011.  Best Sampaguita picture wins a trip to Batanes for two for 2012.  Second prize:  Trip to Boracay for two.  Third Prize:  P5,000 cash.  In order to preserve the culture of our national flower, we will publish a small coffee table book dedicated to  the Sampaguita.  email mandynavasero@yahoo.com or call 8991767  8963208

Learn digital camera operation  by appointment with Julia Navasero @ LRI Design Plaza, Rm 227, 210 Nicanor Garcia St., Bel Air II, Makati City. Email mandynavasero@yahoo.com or text 09152200104

 Lecturer for  Digital Camera Operation, Julia Navasero, has a diploma in photography from Dela Salle University College of St. Benilde.  Julia's  background is in graphic design.  

Venue of lecture is at Rm 227, LRI Design Plaza, 210 Nicanor Garcia St., formerly Reposo.  Bel Air II, Makati City. 
Fee for lecture P1,000.  Fee may be deposited to my BDO C/A 6948001413 Jupiter-Reposo Branch, ifo Luz Amandolina C. Navasero aka Mandy Navasero.  Kindly fax bank's receipt with your name and mobile no. to 8963208. 

January 14, 2011

Fall in Love with Itbayat

Batanes... where the intensity of nature is magnified and the people still have genuine warmth in their hearts.  Basco is your first stop, then Sabtang, but you must not leave until you've been to Itbayat.  The farthest of the three islands of Batanes, when you look beyond the northern most horizon you will seeTaiwan! Look inland and you will experience a town and a people where the community spirit is still so authentic.  Where money is rarely exchanged and the town elders police makes visitors feel secure with the authority of wisdom.  

The landscape does not disappoint, of the three islands it is most intense in this little paradise. 

 Come trek to the caves bordering the ocean cliffs that ancient Ivatans called home.  This is where the strength and the power of the crashing waves meet the calm of habitats that both nurtured and protected. 

Heralded by a bell heard from every corner of the island, mass is attended by literaly every towns folk and is celebrated in the small parish church, where men are seated to the left, and the women are seated to the right, and children sit along the aisle.  While mass is celebrated one humble home's front door is littered with many little slippers.  Children too young to sit still for one hour are all cared for here until their families come to fetch them after the service. I'm not too sure if the church is Dominican.  I can't remember exactly what language mass was celebrated in, but I think it was Spanish, the priest looks like he was a praile left over by the conquistadors. 

Photos and Texts by Popi Laudico

Fall in Love with Photography


Playful at Boulder Beach

Batanes Shore

St. John the Worker Church

 Fall in love with photography in  Mandy Navasero’s learn-by—doing which is an  integration of artistic and technical instructions in portraiture and glamour, fashion, architectural, naturescape and macro photography.

Whether you are completely new to the field or seeking  new skills to advance and establish a career in photography, Mandy’s educational philosophy of “learning-by-doing” can help build sufficient skills to succeed.

With mandy, you  don’t just learn it.  You live it.   Batanes Photo Safari is  open to non- photographers, both local and foreign. 
You learn how to shoot pictures and to model.

Schedules for 2011 is on Feb. 18-21 and 25 -28; March 12-15, 18-21 and 25-28 (sold out); April 1-4 and  19-24 (Holy Week includes an overnight in Itbayat.  Discover huge caves facing the deep blue sea where Ivatans used to dwell) and May 6-9, 2011. Email mandynavasero@yahoo.com or call 8991767 or visit mandynavasero.multiply.com or mandy-navasero.blogspot.com.  Or drop by Mandy’s studio at Rm. 227, LRI Design Plaza, 210  Nicanor Garcia St., (formerly Reposo), Bel Air II, Makati City. 
Please contact Mandy Navasero
09152200104   8991767

Freeze My Thoughts: Batanes Photo Safari with Mandy Navasero

Freeze My Thoughts: Batanes Photo Safari with Mandy Navasero