July 26, 2014


 MANDY NAVASERO has discovered a new place for Eco tourism and adventure destination. A peaceful little corner in Mindanao, SOCKSARGEN, covering Lake Sebu, Sarangani and General Santos City.Of all the islands in the Philippines, tourists, locals and foreigners alike, have lamented the fact that they are reluctant to visit the island of Mindanao because of security risks. Thankfully, however, there is SOCKSARGEN where one can have seafood and fruit galore and travel without fear.

With the onslaught of many devastating storms in the Philippines, it is surprising to note that this highly urbanized city is considered typhoon-free by experts. It is the hometown of Manny Pacquiao, world boxing champion and Miss Universe contestant, Shamcey Supsup. When it shines, it ranges from 28 degree Celsius to 36 degree Celsius. It is also the tuna capital of the Philippines.  It is there that participants of the photo safari check in at a four star hotel- GREENLEAF. Highlight of visit is the Fish Port Complex at sunrise where fishermen unload tons of yellow fin tuna to be weighed, graded, sold and shipped to fish markets all over the world. At Tiongson Arcade, participants dine on sumptuous seafood cuisine. And for specialty crabs, at Gusteaus Resto near GreenLeaf Hotel GenSan.

Photos below, fish port scenery. 

Tourists are recommended to immerse themselves in the T'boli culture by visiting the SIKAT Cultural Center for tribal music and dances, and demonstrations of the art of weaving T'nalak fabric by master dream weaver such as the National Living Treasure Awardee, Be Lang Dulay.

Mandy Navasero is conducting destination lectures in General Santos City, Sarangani and Lake Sebu as a photographer's mecca, although this is also open for tourists and non-photographers, who will act as models in the participants' hands-on learning in portraiture and fashion photography. Aside from touring various locations that the region has to offer, both amateur photographers and tourists will be able to take beautiful, breathtaking pictures of the sights in this pretty little corner in Mindanao.

It is Navasero's hope that the adventure-filled Socksargen Photo Safari on Sept. 18-21 will help local tourists discover Mindanao's culture and experience unique destinations. 

Email luzamandolina@yahoo.com or call 8963208 or 09155430482.

July 25, 2014

ART: Visual Positivism by Celso Duazo Pepito

Celso Pepito - A visual manifestation of positivism, a Cebu based artist. Inspired spiritually and imbibes good values, contributing to better social development in the country.

July 24, 2014

Places to discover: SOCKSARGEN Photo Safari 2014

General Santos - the hometown of Manny Pacquiao is nothing short of marvelous. An adventure destination, where you can go to white beach of Isla Jardin del Mar in Saranggani Highlands, caving, hiking, camping and stargazing. You also get to experience a one of a kind food venture, at the Tiongson Arcade, which makes an amazing 'chicharong' tilapia and also devour crabs at Gusteaus. Hotel of choice is the 4 star Green Leaf Hotel.

June 11, 2014


SOCKSARGEN - A laid back province, a foodie's haven (you must try their chicharong tilapia at Tiongson Arcade), and heart stopping zip line in Lake Sebu Falls. Tourist attraction.

We now have our Itinerary for our SOCKSARGEN Photo Safari Tour for  July 18-21 4D/3N (Friday to Monday) Falls on Tinalak Week Festival in lake Sebu.

DAY 1 - General Santos 
5:00 AM  -   Check in  at  NAIA Terminal 3 via PAL
6:55 AM  -   PAL Flt. PR453 departs
8:45 AM  -   Arrival @ Gen San
9:00 AM  -   Depart airport for Hotel
9:30 AM  -   Check-in Greenleaf Hotel (Green Leaf Hotel is one of the newest and four star hotel in  located in General Santos)
World Boxing Champ Manny  and Jinkee Paquiao's mansion.
Photography lecturer Mandy Navasero at Lake Sebu with Lopez Holdings' Annual Outing

June 6, 2014

An Invitation: Batanes at discounted rate


Yes, you read it right! Our package rate is discounted for P34,000 until July 15, 2014 (for early booking). Package includes ALL (except shopping money).

Our partner hotel is Batanes Seaside Lodge (twin sharing).


June 5, 2014

Day Tour 2014: Join our Parada ng Lechon

Day tour this coming June 24, 2014 (Tuesday) at Balayan Batangas. After watching the 'Parada ng Lechon'we will drive to Sonya's Garden for lunch and lecture on fashion and portraiture. 

You may bring your favorite fashion outfit and learn to pose and shoot on fashion photography. 

JOIN our Day Tour at Balayan Batangas

May 14, 2014

Upcoming Photo Tour 2014: Marinduque Photo Safari

While Filipinos are becoming well traveled in different parts of the Philippines, there are still a few places that are left undiscovered [or unknown]. Places, such as Marinduque. To most people, this province is known for its Moriones Festival during Holy Week. But what most people don't know is that, on the Philippine map, Marinduque is shaped like a heart. Navigating at 100 miles from Manila, currently accessible by sea via a three-hour drive from Manila to Lucena Port. And an additional two to three more hours by sea from Lucena to Boac Port. 

STREETSMART: Mother's Day Special

Street Smart
by Mandy Navasero

What is the hottest gift on Mother's Day?

World Champ boxer Manny Pacquiao from Sarangani doted on his mother, known as "Mommy D" with love and diamonds and other expensive items they could not afford when they used to live up in the mountains ofGenSan. Mommy D narrated that Manny had always been a good child, helping out his mother eked out a living, mainly for food. Mommy D boasted that Manny was a good pupil, getting grades no lower than 90%. They lived below poverty line.  Mommy D shaped her children to be God fearing and to do what is right in life. To work hard.And God did not fail both mother and son. They persevered and now, Manny is still world champ boxer, with two mansions in Sarangani, buildings for rent built like Las Vegas architecture in General Santos.Mommy D had the world's toughest job, being Mom to Boxer Champ Manny Paquiao. No mother would like to see her son being boxed in the ring not even for a million bucks.

May 13, 2014

Art Online: Katrina Pallon

From time to time, we feature artists and handle their exhibit. Our previous featured artist is Katrina Pallon. A talented painter who paints with a soul. We still have a couple more of art pieces that we are selling, and is available for viewing at Mandy Navasero's studio at LRI Design Plaza, Bel-Air II Makati.

See photos below for remaining paintings for sale: Details indicated in each photo