February 3, 2011

The Beauty of Batanes

Countryside scenery in Batanes

Jenni Padernal, a nurse from the USA, 
posed for students to show crawling light from window.

At Tinquian in Sabtang, the Court de Azur of Batanes--  
where the wind blows so hard...and the ocean is deep, deep blue.

The Basco Lighthouse

Winding road to paradise. .. Don't blow your horn!

Ces Mallari Tan, a study in glamour.

Ces Mallari Tan in fashion photography with the S-curve.

Jenni Padernal, portrait in Batanes

Lecturer Mandy Navasero riding  a motor bike 
with a vakul, an Ivatan head gear to protect one from heat and rain.

Playful at Valughan Beach.  
Huge  boulders from the eruption of Mt. Iraya cover the beach.

San Vicente Ferrer Church built by the 
Dominican priests in 1875.

At Saint Carmel Church, Tukon, the community 
where the Abads reside and where  Fundacion Pacita Museum 
and Resort  stand proud against the emerald greens 
hugging the deep blue ocean.

Participants in the Batanes Photo Safari taking architectural 
shots of the Basco Bassilica.


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