May 14, 2014

Upcoming Photo Tour 2014: Marinduque Photo Safari

While Filipinos are becoming well traveled in different parts of the Philippines, there are still a few places that are left undiscovered [or unknown]. Places, such as Marinduque. To most people, this province is known for its Moriones Festival during Holy Week. But what most people don't know is that, on the Philippine map, Marinduque is shaped like a heart. Navigating at 100 miles from Manila, currently accessible by sea via a three-hour drive from Manila to Lucena Port. And an additional two to three more hours by sea from Lucena to Boac Port. 
Marinduque is proud to say that their province has zero crime rate and showcases cleanliness in their surroundings. True enough, we were left in awe in its splendor beauty. In this light, we are now officially announcing our Marinduque Photo Safari, which is scheduled on June 12-16, 2014. Open for registration. 

Here are just a few photos to give you a glimpse of our adventure to Marinduque:

1. Ka Amon Cave

Spelunking in Ka Amon Cave L-R: Mr. Joven Lilles, Kert Navasero, Ms. Janine Lloren and Kagawad / Cave guide Mr. Vicente Raza
Inside Ka Amon Cave. Despite the rampant vandalism, it was magnificently historically beautiful.
Swift Bird's Eggs
2. Capturing the beautiful Sunset

Sunset captured in Gasan, Gasan Cathedral

Sunset captured in Gasan, Gasan Cathedral

Tour rate is at: P27,000 which includes the following: 5 Days and 4 nights
- Hotel accommodation (Palms by the beach - overlooking the sea)
-Roro fee 
- Tour guide
- Van rental 
- Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
- Other fees (caving, falls and rental fees-beach)

For those interested or would like to inquire, email us at:
For further announcements, stay tuned for updates at our: Facebook Page


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