March 15, 2011

What is the secret of great photography?

Lighting coupled with passion and technique makes great photography. When you can put creativity and technique together you have arrived as a photographer. A good photograph is prepared for. It does not happen by luck. You prepare everything-- background, setting, composition, colors, shapes. Lighting is most important; with proper lighting, you get the right volume of the image. It is the brain that takes the picture. It does not matter whatever your camera is. The camera is merely a tool. It does what you want done. It is your brain that takes the photograph. However, it helps to have the most expensive lens and camera body, but you can see the true photographers even with instamatic cameras Because they can see a wonderful picture. They do not just point and click. You train your eye to see line, light, texture, shapes and objects, pattern, silhouttes...these are some elements that compose a good photo. Also, if your subject is beautiful, you win 75 percent of your picture... ha! ha! ha!

You can start doing architectural shots of your own home, outdoors to hone your craft. See to it that the sun illuminates the facade. Lie flat on your tummy on the ground to give it height. It must be clean, the yard, no specks of dirt. Spic and spun. Capture a bit of garden and sky.

Do editorial portrait with wide angle lens. If the subject is a writer, photograph her with laptop, books, magazines, a dog for human interest, or a child. That is an editorial portrait. You take it at his or her place of work.

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