April 3, 2014

Batanes Photo Safari 2014: What you can expect from our photo tour

Batanes is known to be the countries belt for the strongest typhoons. In spite of that, this little island manages to stay strong and endure the weather. But, for those who hasn't been to Batanes; you may ask "what's the hullaballoo about this island? Well, like any tourist would say;"Batanes will take your breath away". Breathtaking panoramic view of mountain hills surrounded by the clear blue ocean, all majestically spectacular! It's safe to say that all the Mandy Navasero Photo Safari Participants were left in awe by its beauty.

Photos below are the Mandy Navasero's BPS Participants for March 28-31, 2014:

Tour Guide Rogers, discussing trivia's on the Japanese Tunnel.

Photo by Mandy Navasero
Cemented Lighthouses in Basco and Sabtang Photo by Mandy Navasero

Join in the fun as we hold two more schedules for April and May. For those who may be interested, below is our Itinerary for both schedules. 

DAY 01
Basco City. Get into a long jeep assigned to us. 
Check in at Batanes Seaside  Lodge and Restaurant with wifi right in the city.

First destination: JAPANESE tunnel takes 30 minutes to negotiate. This has an exciting  90  degree 'drop'. Those who would like to go all the way through the tunnel, kindly bring a headlight or flashlight.

Visit Basco Basilica/museum
Lunch at  Batanes Seaside Lodge & Restaurant

Proceed to Tukon Church, Pagasa station and to Fundacion Pacita Abad Nature Lodge & Museum (only in the periphery if lucky we can have coffee inside and corn muffins).  

Valugan Boulder Beach, facing Pacific Ocean. Fashion photography

Basco Light House with a breathtaking view of Basco and the Pacific Ocean.  Watch sunset.

6:00pm- Back to Batanes Seaside Lodge & Restaurant for dinner. 

(bring aqua shoes, shorts, bathing suits, trunks, sun lotion, hat, shirts easy in, easy out clothes, towel and a hat) Wear colorful clothes.  Bright summer clothes for color photography. 
5:30am-Breakfast, all breakfast will be taken at  your  lodging places.
6:30 am- We arrive at San Vicente Port to take the Falowa boat. Cross Sabtang in 45 minutes, get ready to be   splashed with  water  while crossing sea, camera  zip lock required.  Keep camera safe, bring out only in San Vicente de Ferrer Cathedral for lecture on portraiture. Bring candies or for those sensitive may take bonamine 30 minutes before boat ride.

Visit San Vicente Ferrer Church before we do architectural shots.  Show three sides of the church: the façade, sides and the roof, Miss the electric lines crossing façade; or use a wide angle lens,  All lines must be straight, both horizontal and vertical. When shooting architectural subjects, lie flat on your belly on the ground.  Also shoot details like the door, never cut on the arch. Don’t, cut the Cross on top of structure.  Shoot window details.  The altar. A tour of the churchyard by Fr. Danny Cruz.

Ride and shoot  all day through Chavayan to Savidug, architectural shots of  stone houses like  frozen in time.  TOPIC: Architectural Photography 

The beautiful Chavayan town  made of cobble-stoned steps. Centuries old vernacular houses in rows. Town is recommended  to UNESCO as a preserved and protected area. 

Snack at  Savidug, old settlement, where local wine making is made from sugar cane. Visit St. Thomas Chapel.
Stop by at Tinyan for a breathtaking view and photo opportunities.

Lunch at Morong Beach.

Photo opportunities. Dip into the cold water of the Pacific Ocean.  You can swim only up to waist deep. The sea is ferocious.

3:00pm back to main island of Basco 
Proceed to  the House of  Dakay stone house, one of  oldest built in 1875.  Roof is changed every 30 years. The only stone house that survived the earthquake with magniture of 8.2.

Visit  restored stone house by Mandy Navasero Batanes Batch 2006 (raised P264,000.00 from sale of Batanes Photographs in Rockwell photo exhibit.)  Up to now it is not completed.  According to Mr. Jack Castano, an active member of the community in the neighborhood,  there was a resolution to add 10 M to complete the Cabcabin stone house. 9 years ago and it is not complete yet.
Walk or ride  towards St. Joseph the Worker Church in Ivana,  built in 1860,  One of  oldest Catholic churches.

Have coffee at  Honesty Store. Ride  to buy souvenir at Cita’s Souvenir shop and at
Tawnsen. 7pm Dinner at Batanes Seaside main

Day 3      Batan Island/Sunday. 
Breakfast. 6: AM 

7:00am-jeepney ride to Chapa View Deck for individual portraiture. To Mahatao Church, and  stop over at the Cariaso  stone house covered with ivy. Photo opportunity. To Mahatao Lighthouse.

Lunch at Malboro hills. Ride to Marlboro Country, local version, with breathtaking panoramic view, velvet green grass and tamed farm animals. We do JUMPOLOGY 

Ride to Dawn Zulueta Hills and watch the waves break on the shore. 

Ride to Rolling Hills for final bonding and each will recite names of all participants. And how Batanes touch their lives. 
 7:00 pm  Dinner at Batanes Seaside. Fellowship social. With entertainment.

Day 4    Return to Manila 
Check in at 5:15  am at  Basco Airport . (You can check in at the airport at 6am, I will be there together with your luggage, do not lock they do manual chacking for lack of scanning machine.)
Depart Basco at 7:15am ; arrive in Manila 8:30 am.
Early  Breakfast.  5:am to 6: am. Check out for  flight back to Manila . All tickets must be given to Mandy Navasero night before and all luggage at  hotel lobby at Batanes Seaside Lodge & Restaurant  by 5:00am.

Package tour rate:

If ready to join, package tour is P39,500 which includes whole day tours, meals, hotel accommodations, RT ticket and also inclusive of tips (we will also be handing out handouts for photography tips for your perusal). 

In my last BPS last March 28-31, 2014, tourism industry in Batanes got organized and increased rates almost doubled. The regular tour will give 4 hours drive to destinations while before we had it to the  max, long jeepney rides to all destinations. Thus, the sudden or surprise increased in price for April 18-21 and May 2-5, 2014. Likewise, airlines RT ticket cost P18,000 plus. Thus. I beseech your indulgence re request for additional fee. Kindly deposit difference and email to us bank’s official receipt indicating your travel dates and names. I deeply appreciate your cooperation.

Non refundable, non transferrable. If flight does not materialize due to engine trouble or 'force majeure', we reschedule according to availability of seats.

Itinerary is also available upon request. For further inquiries, you may email us at luzamandolina@yahoo.com or knavasero03@yahoo.com.ph 

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