December 11, 2010

Beautiful Batanes Isles by Dr. William Rodriguez

There are so many things  I wanted to say about my experiences on our  “Photo Safari” running through my head.I wanted to describe everything in detail and not leave anything out. So  that whoever reads this,  may   feel and experience the greatness of our trip;  the beauty and splendour of Batanes Isles. It’s landscape,  food and people.

I thought I already saw the real pure beauty of the Philippines when I visited  Caramoan Island,Camarines Sur, or  Chocolate Hills,Bohol. Serenity and friendliness of Camiguin Islands. The greatness of Mt. Apo, Davao.The paradise feeling of Panglao Island in Bohol or Palawan, Boracay in the early 1980’s, till I saw Batanes.

On the first day we arrived,  scenery and landscape of Batanes  is so unique, refreshing, awesome and beautiful, it leaves a permanent mark in my heart of a place I will always cherish.

Words are not enough to describe the beauty that the Batanes Isles have. The pictures we took can paint a thousand words far better than I can fill each adjective to match each different location. Although 12 pictures out of more than a thousand pictures are not enough, it will at least give you a teaser or preview of what one can look forward to, so as to entice you to see  Beautiful Batanes Isles with your own eyes and to capture each moment with your own lens. You have to be there to experience the uniqueness of everything from it’s architecture of stone houses to the mountains and the rolling hills to the pounding sea on the shore, be it rocks or sand, from the misty sunrise, to the calming mellow sunset and the glow of a full moon on a clear night. From the freshness and simplicity of the food to the kindness and honesty of the people that planted and harvested from it’s fertile soil and fished them from its vast oceans to those that prepared and served the food, nothing compares to that of  beautiful Batanes Isles. It’s the simple things in life yet the greatest experience one can have. It puts you back into perspective. It’s being there at the right time at the right place with the right people. I was fortunate to capture and enjoyed  that all.

The Batanes Photo Safari is a first in so many ways. It was the first time we met the person who organized everything behind this magnificent tour, Ms. Mandy Navasero. It was also the very first time that we met the participants of this Photo Safari whom I will mention by their first names according to whom I met first at the airport - being the first to arrive. Nanci, Ronald, William, Donna, Dr. Yvette, Dr. Joy, Therese and Janine. A wonderful group of people each one lovely and in their own unique way and each one adding spice and life to the tour thus making this tour a very memorable one to the point that we have coined our group the Batanes 11 which Mandy added as the Batanes Beautiful 11. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for sharing your kindness and unselfishness in everything that we did even if it was so short. It’s as if we have known each other for years. Thank you Mandy for your great idea of creating such a wonderful Photo Safari. I have learned so much from you and I now have a greater respect, appreciation and admiration for any photograph taken and an even greater respect for the subject in our photo be it human or inanimate. You have taught us how much detail goes into capturing each shot.More power to you and the work you do for the children of Batanes particularly the GASFI READ-ALOUD Program.  The youth is the future of this wonderful Batanes Isles.

The feeling of euphoria when I speak about Batanes still lingers in my heart up to this day and will always do. It’s as if it was home to me despite the very short time that we spent there. It’s true what they say about Batanes, that once you’ve experienced Batanes, it will haunt you to come back.

Dr. William Rodriguez and his wife Joyce live in Brampton, Canada.  William is a dentist and operates SMILE CENTER with a staff of over fifteen.  Meanwhile his wife. Joyce, is president of Brampton Philippine Federation and does medical and mission work in remote areas in the Philippines.  Putting up libraries among poorest of the poor schools in remote areas
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