December 15, 2010

More than Photography

It is more than just the unique thrill of gaining new insights and learning new tricks in the art of photography from the guru herself, Mandy Navasero, for both professionals and enthusiasts joining the annual Batanes Photo Safari. They also experience the joy of giving the gift of knowledge when they distribute books and read aloud to the Ivatan children, in line with the learning advocacy program by the Gig and the Amazing Sampaguita Foundation Inc. (GASFI) and the Books Across the Seas (BATS). The reading aloud activity is done in memory of Gig Oca Robles, a teenage photography lover who loved books and Sampaguitas.

Last year, Anne Nicorlay from Australia read aloud to the pupils of Sabtang Elementary School a title from the newly published Gig Seafarer Children's Book series "See, I Am Holding Daddy's Hand." The children were all eyes on Anne, and so were the photo safari participants. It was a sad story of a young boy whose father is away at sea as a seafarer, but always felt he was holding Daddy's hand. Anne read slowly for the Ivatan youth to understand every word she said. At the end, she asked the children, what was the boy holding? In chorus, they answered Anne, "Daddy’s hand!"
Mandy always encourages the children to read, because reading is the best form of education. “It gives you a wealth of information and when you read, you get ahead of the pack. No one will overtake you especially when you read voraciously, no matter how poor you are, knowledge is the leveling field,” Mandy enthuses. The children are told to encourage their mother, or father, or brothers and sisters to read to them 20 minutes before bedtime with the packs of books GASFI distributes.

The Batanes Photo Safari Season begins soon.  Learn portraiture, fashion, naturescape,  architectural and macro photography in three full days while having fun with the master photographer herself, Mandy Navasero, in the ultimate destination of a lifetime, Batanes. Schedule for 2011 Photo Safari is: 18-21 (5 seats available)  and 25-28 February (9 seats available) ; 12-14 (25 seats sold)  18-21 (9 seats available) and 25-28 March (25 seats sold); 1-4 (2 seats available  and  19-24  April (Holy Week includes Itbayat - 6D/5N, P30,000); and 6-9 May 10 seats available, 4D/3 (P26,000). Email or call 8991767, 8963209, 09152200104  to register.  Pay immediately.  No refund. Non transferrable.  Visit and for details.

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